Your lawyers in Malaga

Our principal work ethic is honesty:  we will always tell a client if we do not consider their case to be viable.  We try to make our clients feel at home in our office, to trust us and to be happy with the outcome of our work, so that they can recommend us.  We do not charge high fees and we do have an instalment plan for those who need it.


We always try to settle out of court.  We are extremely conciliatory, especially in family matters, even though that means lower fees for us.


We are always accessible to our clients.  We can be contacted either through the office on the land line, or on our personal mobil phones.  We return all calls and answer every email – we know how important this is.  We try to adapt our timetable to our clients’ needs.

Family atmosphere

We two lawyers at MCA are more than colleagues and business partners – we are also good friends.  Our close relationship and how highly we rate family values is reflected in our work philosophy.  We began by helping our own family members with legal problems, and little by little our circle of clients has grown.