Family law
Separations/ Divorces/ Nullity/ Ancillary relief/ Relevant children
Discapacity/ Naming of tutors and/or legal defence/ Authority for transfer of assets of minors and incapacitated people/ Applications to the Register Office
Contract law
Conveyancing/ Leases/ Companies/ Commmonhold/ Usufructs/ Servitude/ Gifts/ Succession
Employment consultancy/ Payslips/ Contracts/ National Insurance/ Work Inspections/ Dismissals/ Money claims/ Disabilities/ Claims to Fogasa/ Work-related accidents/ National Insurance benefits
Property deeds
Preparation/ Signing/ Relevant taxes/ Land registry inscriptions/ General related work
Visas/ Return permits/ Residence permits/ Renewals/ Applications for Nationality/ Expulsions/ Appeals// Family regrouping/ Work permits/ NIE applications/ Validating qualifications Foreigners
Civil law
Court actions/ Negotiable instruments/ Enforcement of judgments/ Non-contentious cases/ Proof of ownership/ Affidavits/ Evictions
Other services
Personal Injury/ Conveyancing/ Accounting/ Tax consultancy/

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